Hello, I’m Merk

Hello, my name is Merk. This blog aims to be a bridge connecting information between the world and Japan. One thing I felt when watching the movie “The Matrix” is that modern Japan feels like it’s living in a sandbox-like place, much like ‘The Matrix’. For example, we feel as though our free thinking and individuality are being taken away, bound by the rules and expectations of society in our daily lives. I feel that Japanese media, education, and social structure tend to emphasize maintaining certain frameworks and disciplines, suppressing individual uniqueness and differing opinions. In such a situation, I believe it’s important for us to broaden our horizons and incorporate new information and perspectives.

Therefore, in this blog, I provide news from overseas that is not often covered in Japan to the Japanese people, and conversely, I attempt to escape from the sandbox-like ‘Matrix’ by delivering news and politics from Japan to people around the world. By sharing a wide range of information and diverse opinions from around the world, let’s awaken our consciousness and nurture thinking that is liberated from social frameworks!

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